Wednesday, May 04, 2016
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Staff and Faculty Listings

Unless otherwise noted, please call 814-443-3651 and use extensions below.

Name Title/Area Extension Email
Karen Remick Administrative Director 6126
Lynn Clement Assistant Administrator 6128

Sherry Shaw Fiscal Manager/JOC Secretary 6122
Jenny Booth Assistant Fiscal Manager 6121


Adult Education
Name Title/Area Extension Email
Heidi Petrosky Adult Education Coordinator 6156

Jennie Jamieson Instructor 6133
Michelle Yutzy Instructor *
*Note: Some Adult Education Instructors are assigned to outreach sites and have varied schedules. To reach them by phone, please call the SCTC Adult Education Office at (814) 443-3651 x6165. Leave a message and it will be relayed to the instructor.


Information Technology
Name Title/Area Extension Email
Jeremy Hauger Network Administrator/Technology Coordinator 6169
Mary Ann Foxwell Special Projects Coordinator 6168


Name Title/Area Extension Email
Kaitlyn Betler Cosmetology 6138
Tim Bittner Carpentry 6146
TBD Health Occupations 6136
Linda Dangel Pre-Engineering Drafting & Design 6139
Michele Fochtman Early Childhood Education 6154
Luther Gardner Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning 6145
Rob Harrold Forestry 6153
Jeff Henry Electrical Occupations 6142
Tanis Herwig Dental Assisting 6155
Angelo Codispoti Automotive Technology 6148
Ryan Jones Culinary Arts 6134
Mark Lyons Masonry 6147
Jamie Frampton Welding 6144
Barry Rager Automotive Body Technology 6149
Jill Rugg Integration Specialist 6152
Jerry Schimpf Machining Technology 6143
Nancy Scarton Computer Networking 6166
Gloria Weyand Learning Facilitator 6151


Name Title/Area Extension Email
Robert Chippie Maintenance Supervisor 6150


Office Personnel
Name Title/Area Extension Email
Elizabeth Sturtz Accounts Payable 6125
Karen Russo Evening Secretary 6165
Irene Walker Child Accounting 6120


Name Title/Area Extension Email
Alisha Coulter Cosmetology 6137
Sandy Close Health Occupations 6136
Courtney Koontz Culinary Arts 6134
Jodi Miller Resource Center 6182
Michael Weaver Automotive 6148 / 6149


Practical Nursing Program Staff
Name Title/Area Extension Email
Aimee Younkin Director 6173

Linda Bagley LPN Instructor 6177
Katherine Boburchuk LPN Instructor 6172
Mary Helsel LPN Instructor 6174
Sarah Romesberg LPN Instructor 6176
Robin Rush Student Services/Administrative Assistant 6170
Robin Stayer Bedford Office - LPN Secretary 6171


Student Services
Name Title/Area Extension Email
Verna Carberry Guidance/Career Counselor 6127
Theresa Pletcher Financial Aid Coordinator 6124
Heather Snyder School Nurse/School Health Office 6163