Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Staff and Faculty Listings

Unless otherwise noted, please call 814-443-3651 and use extensions below.

Name Title/Area Extension Email
Karen Remick Administrative Director 6126 kremick@sctc.net
Matt Danel Principal 6128 mdanel@sctc.net

Sherry Shaw Fiscal Manager/JOC Secretary 6122 sshaw@sctc.net
Jenny Booth Assistant Fiscal Manager 6121 jbooth@sctc.net


Adult Education
Name Title/Area Extension Email
Heidi Petrosky Director, Adult Education 6156 hpetrosky@sctc.net

Kim Cicmansky Adult Literacy-Program Manager 6133 kcicmansky@sctc.net
Alyson Dehmcke Adult Literacy-Instructor (Bedford) * adehmcke@sctc.net
Krystle Neal Adult Literacy-Instructor 6202 kneal@sctc.net
Tom Olczak Adult Literacy-Instructor * tolczak@sctc.net
Elizabeth Thomas Adult Literacy-Instructor 6201 ethomas@sctc.net

Theresa Pletcher Financial Aid Coordinator 6124 tpletcher@sctc.net

Karen Russo Adult Education Secretary 6165 krusso@sctc.net
*Note: Some Adult Education Instructors are assigned to outreach sites and have varied schedules. To reach them by phone, please call the SCTC Adult Education Office at (814) 443-3651 x6165. Leave a message and it will be relayed to the instructor.


Information Technology
Name Title/Area Extension Email
Jeremy Hauger Network Administrator/Technology Coordinator 6169 jhauger@sctc.net
Mary Ann Foxwell Special Projects Coordinator 6168 mfoxwell@sctc.net


Name Title/Area Extension Email
Tim Bittner Carpentry 6146 tbittner@sctc.net
Angelo Codispoti Automotive Technology 6148 acodispoti@sctc.net
Jadon Cramer Machining Technology 6143 jcramer@sctc.net
Linda Dangel Pre-Engineering Drafting & Design 6139 ldangel@sctc.net
Michele Fochtman Teacher Prep/Early Childhood 6154 mfochtman@sctc.net
Jamie Frampton Welding 6144 jframpton@sctc.net
Rob Harrold Forestry 6153 rharrold@sctc.net
Tanis Herwig Dental Assisting 6155 therwig@sctc.net
Ryan Jones Culinary Arts 6134 rjones@sctc.net
Cody Kerr Electrical Occupations 6142 ckerr@sctc.net
Mark Lyons Masonry 6147 mlyons@sctc.net
Jill Rugg Service Occupations 6152 jrugg@sctc.net
Carissa Sanner Health Occupations 6136 csanner@sctc.net
Nancy Scarton Computer Networking 6166 nscarton@sctc.net
Stephen Toth Collision Repair & Refinishing 6149 stoth@sctc.net
Jessica Younkin Cosmetology 6138 jyounkin@sctc.net


Name Title/Area Extension Email
Alan Conrad Maintenance Supervisor 6150 aconrad@sctc.net


Office Personnel
Name Title/Area Extension Email
Irene Walker Child Accounting 6120 iwalker@sctc.net


Name Title/Area Extension Email
Alisha Coulter Cosmetology 6137 acoulter@sctc.net
Sandy Close Health Occupations 6136 sclose@sctc.net
Renee Cramer Service Occupations 6152 rcramer@sctc.net
Courtney Koontz Culinary Arts 6134 ckoontz@sctc.net
Jodi Miller Resource Center 6182 jmiller@sctc.net
TBD Construction 6146 / 6144
TBD Automotive 6148 / 6149


Practical Nursing Program Staff
Name Title/Area Extension Email
Mary Helsel Director 6173 mhelsel@sctc.net

Linda Bagley LPN Instructor 6177 lbagley@sctc.net
Sarah Romesberg LPN Instructor 6176 sromesberg@sctc.net
Robin Rush Student Services/Administrative Assistant 6170 rrush@sctc.net
Robin Stayer Bedford Office - LPN Secretary 6171 rstayer@sctc.net


Student Services
Name Title/Area Extension Email
Verna Carberry Guidance/Career Counselor 6127 vcarberry@sctc.net
Joseph Smiach Career Coordinator 6130 jsmiach@sctc.net
Heather Snyder School Nurse/School Health Office 6163 hsnyder@sctc.net