Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Joint Operating Committee

The Joint Operating Committee (JOC) in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations, establishes policy, rules, and procedures for the governance of the board and for the safe and orderly operation of the school. The JOC is made up of elected School Directors from each of our sending school districts.

JOC Meeting Minutes

JOC Members
NameSchool District
Dr. Samuel Romesberg III, Superintendent of RecordShanksville-Stonycreek Area
Cindy WestNorth Star Area
Dorothy Gindlesperger, ChairpersonShade-Central City Area
Donna DivelyBerlin Brothersvalley
Ron DonaldsonMeyersdale Area
Noah WarehamRockwood Area
Brad YounkinShanksville-Stonycreek Area
Bert RiesSomerset Area
Jessica SizemoreSomerset Area
Michael DiehlTurkeyfoot Valley Area
Aimee Willett, SolicitorSCTC
Trisha Bozovich, Treasurer (non-member) Shanksville-Stonycreek Area
Sherry Shaw, Secretary (non-member)SCTC

JOC Meetings - 2022 Calendar Year
January 20Thursday7pm-9pm
February 17Thursday7pm-9pm
March 17Thursday7pm-9pm
April 21Thursday7pm-9pm
May 19Thursday7pm-9pm
June 16Thursday7pm-9pm
July (No Meeting)
August 18Thursday7pm-9pm
September 15Thursday7pm-9pm
October 20Thursday7pm-9pm
November 17Thursday7pm-9pm
December 15Thursday7pm-9pm