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Guidelines for Admissions and Enrollment

Admissions Process

Students applying to the Somerset County Technology Center should have the following interests and abilities:

  • An interest in a particular program of study.
  • The ability to benefit from career and technical education by mastering the core competencies in the program of study as assessed by the NOCTI end-of-program assessments (both written and performance) or other state-approved assessment.
  • Preparedness for success in career and technical education such as appropriate math and reading levels necessary for completing competencies in the program of study.
  • A reasonable expectation of completing the program of study (three-years), passing the end-of-program assessment, and graduating high school.
  • The ability to use initiative, self-direction, and self-discipline in an individualized, competency-based learning environment that simulates the workplace and is thereby structured differently from the traditional high school classroom.

Admissions Timeline

  • In October, the SCTC guidance counselor makes group presentation at the home schools concerning career and technical education and SCTC and its programs.
  • All ninth graders from the sending schools tour SCTC during November and December. During the tour, they are given applications. The application deadline is usually in late December.
  • At the time of the application deadline, home school guidance counselors collect the applications of interested students, attach transcript information, and forward to SCTC for processing.
  • The home school counselors and the SCTC guidance counselor working collaboratively will select students based on the results of counseling sessions and the available student information.
  • Late applications are considered on a space-available basis.
  • Students are notified of tentative selection by early March.
  • Transfer students from other CTCs will be accepted at any point in the school year.
  • First year students should begin the program in the fall semester.
  • Students who have been in alternative placement should demonstrate successful completion of at least one semester at home school prior to admission to SCTC.

How to Enroll

    SCTC Application
  1. Review the CTC programs that interest you and review them with your parents and guidance counselor.
  2. Pick up an application from your guidance counselor, from SCTC, or download a copy here by clicking on the image at right.
  3. Complete the application and choose two programs. Be sure to choose a first choice and second choice. You and your parents must sign the application.
  4. Return the application to your guidance counselor. They will complete the application, prepare all required information, and submit the application packet to SCTC.
  5. The SCTC guidance counselor will schedule a meeting with you at your home school to review your application and discuss your career plans.
  6. You will be notified by mail of your acceptance into a career and technical program. You will also be informed of the date and time of new student orientation.
  7. If you are a special needs student, see your guidance counselor to request an SCTC representative at your IEP planning meeting.

Please contact SCTC if you have any additional questions or wish to schedule a school visit:
  • Mrs. Verna Carberry, SCTC Guidance Counselor: 814-443-3651 x6127