Saturday, August 24, 2019
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Auto Technology Student Project Policy

Student Project Policy 

Students will be permitted to work on a personal project with the instructor’s approval and if it meets a student’s current curriculum requirements. Students are reminded that the purpose of a project is to offer an opportunity for hands-on training and is NOT intended to simply “fix-up” a car or truck to drive. The main emphasis is to learn a skill and to achieve the best results possible. The time necessary to accomplish this may vary so some projects might get to be finished and some might not. Students will be individually responsible to provide materials/parts for their project and to provide feedback to the instructor on progress or problems. Students must provide quality materials that are “system compatible” to ensure professional results. Serious discipline issues may disqualify a student from beginning or finishing a project. Seniors who have not worked on a project vehicle will have priority over juniors and sophomores. SCTC owned vehicles will have repair priority over student or staff vehicles.