Saturday, August 24, 2019
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Students have the opportunity to receive the Pennsylvania Skills Certificate by passing the end of course assessment at an advanced level.  Students are also able to earn their PA Safety Inspection License, S/P2 (Online Safety Certification), and Section 609 Certification for Refrigerant Recycling/Recovery.

Additional Learning Opportunities/Options

Students have the opportunity to participate in job shadowing and cooperative education.

Students may become a member of Skills USA.  Student organizations provide professional and personal growth opportunities to all members.  Students may compete in local, regional, state and national competitions.

Continuing Education/College Options

College Partners:  Allegany College of Maryland and Penn College of Technology

One and two-year Auto Technology Program

Continuing education in the Auto Technologyr field of study is not limited to those colleges with whom SCTC has articulation agreements.  Contact the SCTC Guidance Counselor for more information on other available opportunities.